In 1951, Dr. Yasuyuki Sata, M.D. (ie. Dr.Sata), founder of Tokibo, took notice of a Anesthesia machine on a catalog issued by a U.S. medical device manufacturer called Foregger, which was sent to him by his brother-in-law, Dr Hiroshi Miyake (then Professor of the 1st Surgical Department of Kyushu University).

"Importing medical equipment from the U.S. will definitely benefit people in Japan. Although I am a medical doctor, I believe that I can help more patients through the importation of high-quality medical equipment, than by treating them on a man to man basis." (extracted from a book "Yasuyuki Sata")



Dr. Sata was born on June 16, 1914. He graduated from Kyusyu Medical School (current Kurume University School of Medicine) in 1938. Soon after graduation, he was called to the Army as a medical officer and in 1943, he was sent to the battle in the Southern Asia. The War ended when he was at Car Nicobar Island in the Indian Ocean. In 1946, Dr.Sata returned from the war  front after six-odd months in a prison camp in Pulau Rempang near Singapore. 

After his discharge from the Army, he was engaged in research work at Imamura's Laboratory of Osaka University Medical School and obtained his doctorate in medicine in 1949. The theme of his dissertation involved tuberculosis. At this time, his father, Aihiko Sata, M.D.,ex-president of Osaka Medical School (current Osaka University Medical School), entrusted him with the business of Osaka Kessei yakuin, a producer of Vaccine. However, he had to close the business in 1951 because of postwar difficulties. In the same year, Dr. Sata was asked to become a general manager of a newly established medicine department of Tamurakoma Co. which became the exclusive agent of U.S. based medical company, E.R. Squibb & Sons,Inc. Tamurakoma was managed by a brother of one of his friends.

In 1955, Dr. Sata established Tokyo Kikai Boeki Kabushiki Kaisha in the Akamon Building in Shibatamura-cho, Minato-ku with a capital of ¥1,000,000. In 1970, the company name was changed to Tokibo Co., Ltd. and in 1972, the head office building was completed at Higashi-azabu, Minato-ku. In the same year, Dr. Sata's effort in organizing the Kidney Foundation was realized and he became its auditor. With the expansion of Tokibo's business, branch offices were established throughout Japan. The growth led to the development of overseas operations. Beginning with the establishment of the affiliated company in California; the TKB group of companies has grown to include a network of offices around the world.

All of those who loved and respected Dr.Sata suffered a great loss when he passed away on February 4, 1993 at the age of 79. Dr.Sata dedicated his life to "the improvement of quality of health care in the future." His fundamental principle in guiding the staff of Tokibo was "faithfulness". He lived and taught the importance of cultivating virtue of human beings. This spirit continues to be one of the mottoes of Tokibo.